Asian Confluence to organize 2016 NADI River Festival

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, July 02: The state government in collaboration with Asian Confluence will organize the 2016 NADI River Festival in the state’s capital on July 15 – 16, 2016.
The two-day festival will be held at Pinewood Convention Center and Sri Aurobindo Institute, Shillong.
The festival is a bottom up effort: focusing on celebrating the rivers of the region, with particular focus on those between the North Eastern States of India and her immediate eastern neighbors and the fragile ecology they sustain: for they have been the treasured water highways of culture for centuries gone by. They form very basis of civilization.

The effort also is an attempt to take carry forward the sentiments expressed in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement to media (June 7, 2015) in the Joint press briefing with Bangladesh PM H.E. Sheikh Hasina) that “…connectivity is the catalyst for deeper engagement,….Our rivers should nurture our relationship,..” and that “We should also work together to renew and clean our rivers”. 
NADI is a bottom up effort that looks to harmonize the “Third Space” mandate where the spirit of caring and enterprise among diverse peoples of this region is a crucial bond that preserves, protects, and propagates the well-being of our environment and societies.
The festival also aims at exploring the possibilities of enhancing cultural conviviality, and amplifying the creative use of riverine connectivity by catalyzing environment friendly trade and tourism between North Eastern Region and its immediate neighbors.


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