Recklessness leads to regular flooding of Phulbari Bazaar

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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TURA, Sep 12: While water-logging is a common phenomenon in quite a few places, Phulbari Bazaar in the district of West Garo Hills (WGH) is unique in the fact that some people’s adamant attitude has been leading to the entire market area reeling under knee deep water whenever there is even a little bit of rain.
A similar situation also happens in the Sadhupara locality which till the last year was doing fine. However the construction of a concrete road, against the wishes of the locality residents has now made the place resemble a fully flooded pond even if it rains for about an hour or two.

According to locals, when the AMPT road was being built, a part of the money was kept for the creation of a drainage system in the main Phulbari Bazaar to allow for water to flow out of the area. However, one of the influential residents, who had land at the bazaar where the drainage was to come up, refused to allow it, leading to water getting logged in the main section of the bazaar.
“Earlier at least the water would seep into the ground but since the road was made, the water remains where it is. Even a little bit of rain makes it unusable as there are deep potholes due to the wearing off of the AMPT road. The area resembles a dug out pond,” said JA Sangma, a resident of Phulbari.
Residents have now raised the question as to why the road was made fully knowing the fact that rains would inundate the area.
“This is crazy and they should have not done the section of the road if they knew it would flood even if there are little rains. It makes us question the need of the road in the first place when we know that there is a pond coming up ahead – all due to some people playing truant,” said one SR Sangma of Phulbari.
On the Sadhupara issue, locals said that they were fine with the earlier road that they had as it was able to take the water and there was drainage.
“Now they built the entire road using concrete and left no place to drain rain water. The water now gets into our houses, our toilets and everything that we have. We dread what will happen in the case of a full-fledged flood in the area,” said a resident of Sadhupara.
Meanwhile the entire Garo Hills region has incessant rains leading to the fear of flooding in the plain belt area of WGH. However till the writing of this report, no warning has been issued as yet.


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